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If you’re looking for high quality Skateboards, you’ve come to the right place. 

 Phoenix Skateboards was founded by a skater who's passion for skateboarding was on fire and burning bright like the legendary Phoenix bird. Due to a car accident that fire went out thinking he was never going to be able to skate with full potential again, but like the Phoenix bird he decided to rise up again re-ignite that fire by sharing his love for skateboarding and make sure all skaters never loose their fire and desire for skating.

 He starting Phoenix Skateboards to provide a quality board that all skaters can be proud of and designed by their input, since all types of skaters will be skating Phoenix Skateboards he had to design it with all aspects that all skaters liked and thus he came out with a formula based on 3 different concepts from other board companies and incorperating them into one design which now is the standered shape and concave that is in all Phoenix decks. 

Phoenix Skateboards has been located in Arizona since September 2004, and has been growing ever since.
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 Phoenix Skateboards ® 4397 W. Bethany Home Rd. #1242  Glendale, Az. 85301